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Positioning and Messaging Services

Not sure how to position a product, service or your company? Unclear as to which messages would most motivate the varied members of your target audience set? We have a proven process that brings 360 degrees of input, builds stakeholder consensus and paves a path for developing creative, impactful campaigns and programs against channel partners, influencers and end-users.

Communication Planning

We can help you identify the right target audiences and then develop integrated communication plans as efficient as they are impactful. Whether its social media, paid media, earned media or a more organic plan, we can help develop objectives, budgets and then manage the plan effectively.

Content Creation

Creating and sharing valuable free content can attract and convert prospects and turn customers into repeat buyers. The “matrixed” nature of the B2B buying process demands different formats and information for different audiences. We can help you create varied content that drives your value proposition in an efficient and breakthrough manner.

Digital Marketing

Whether its an extensive eCommerce website, an overhaul to your existing site, developing a Google AdWords campaign or driving demand with an eDirect marketing initiative, we are well-versed in all manner of digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Trade & Consumer advertising and PR

Creating awareness and demand with paid and earned media is a strong suit here at Voncor Communications. We create hard-working print and web advertising as well as PR campaigns that get picked up and get noticed. Be it B2B, trade or channel advertising or reaching end-users, we can make your messages stand out and create action.

Business ID, Sales Collateral and Trade Show Presence

Be it a logo, some sales collateral or a booth at a trade show, we have over 25 years of experience in helping companies represent their value in graphic, printed or experiential settings. From concept to execution, we can help you bring your message to customers and prospects with efficiency and impact.


EJ’s a natural when it comes to communications strategy. In our days at AMD and Y&R respectively, we worked together early and often to develop positioning and messaging strategies for not only AMD, the company, but also for its broad portfolio of products. EJ’s got a keen understanding for how strategic-level messaging translates effectively into digital, social, print, exec comms and PR – a critical talent in those early planning stages. On top of all that, EJ is amiable, smart and down-to-earth.

John Doherty

Senior Manager - Brand Communications, AMD Computer Systems

EJ brought the missing ingredient to a challenging global brand creation program for Deloitte. As global account director on the Deloitte Consulting campaign, he was rated by all members of an integrated team of agency and client representatives as the critical link that kept the program on track. A great eye for detail, a mind like a steel trap with a remarkable ability to keep all issues in mind and balance the priorities, and a creative, high-integrity approach that was always client-centric, balancing the budgetary demands of our firm with our quest for creative excellence. I’d hire him again in a nanosecond.

David Redhill

CMO, Deloitte Australia

EJ has a strong command of the principles involved in creating a communications platform, and all the strategic and tactical steps needed to implement it once it has been created. If you would like more detailed information, I’d be happy to field a phone call; just drop me a line. EJ has my highest recommendation.

Kort Van Bronkhorst

Director of Brand , Network Appliance

EJ is a true communications planning expert, with the ability to span from strategic thinking to operational guidance. He was instrumental in a brand development project we worked on, and provided excellent guidance on our brand position and value proposition, as well as on the competitive landscape and how best to connect with our target audience. Straightforward in his approach, EJ offered points of view that stretched our consideration set as he recommended ways to integrate traditional communications tactics with “2.0” approaches on the web and via social media. He kept a sharp eye on project deliverables, as well, to ensure that they had the desired impact, and recommended strategy changes for the few that did not. He will be an excellent resource for growing B2B companies that need help formulating and launching a comprehensive communications strategy

Kim DeCarlis

VP - Director of Marketing, Citrix Systems

When you consider the varied audiences involved in the B2B buying process; their sometimes competing needs, evaluation processes and pain points – it’s easy to get caught up in complicated positionings, siloed messaging strategies and unaligned tactical efforts.

However, the most motivating communications efforts are straight-forward, simple and practical. The best ones come from a truth that resonates emotionally and is supported rationally. Uncovering that truth is what we do, and then helping figure out the best way to make buyers aware of that truth.

With over twenty years of experience on both Madison Avenue and in Silicon Valley working with global packaged goods, business services and start-up as well as established technology companies, we have helped bring the right mix of emotional and rational appeal to both well-funded worldwide marketing initiatives as well as highly-targeted efforts for startups and regional advertisers.

We strive to  deliver innovative yet practical, results-oriented marketing strategy and tactical consulting, and then provide agile executional oversight for small and start-up technology and business services companies focused on B2B sales.

Understanding the multi-faceted B2B buying process and speed-to-market demands of the technology category helps make solving complex marketing issues a little less difficult. And with two decades experience working with companies like AMD, Citrix, Deloitte Consulting, Palm Computer, Polycom, NEC, Silicon Graphics and Sybase, we’ve learned to keep things simple.

We have great passion for the dynamic, thriving nature of this space. What’s more, we listen well and get things right from the start, guaranteeing great ROI on our client’s valuable time (and budget!).  Whether you need to position a new product or offering, create a sales-sheet for a vertical market or develop a customer loyalty program to increase share within a legacy space, we’ve got the passion, understanding and capabilities to help you reach your marketing and sales goals.

If you’re interested in how we might help your company, please send us an email with a little background on your situation and objectives. We’d be happy to come in and share some thoughts on how you might simplify your strategy, messaging or communications plans to realize greater efficiency and impact.

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