We are marketing communications consultants and practitioners with a wide variety of experience and expertise. From helping clients figure out what to say to finding the most impactful and efficient ways to say it, we help clients connect with their customers and communicate value. We focus on three specific markets:

Small Business Marketing

VCOR SMB InsetWe help small businesses punch above their weight. Our communications programs are practical, efficient and offer non-nonsense solutions – with programs like that, you’d think we were a small business ourselves?

Marine Marketing Communications

VMM Inset ArtThe perfect intersection of vocation and avocation as salt water runs in our veins. We like nothing more than helping Commercial and Recreational Marine Marketers hone their message, identify their customers and then get the word out.

B2B and Tech Company Communications

VCOR B2B InsetTwenty years of Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley agency experience helping business-to-business and technology clients has taught us enough about SEO, PPC, CRM and CMOs to know what’s most important: ┬áROI.