Traditional Advertising and Public Relations

In this heyday of digital media and social marketing, print advertising and public relations sometimes get overlooked; they are dismissed as dated tactics which don’t have the ability to ‘go viral’ or get ‘shared’ or ‘liked’. While we agree that web-based communications can be very efficient, low-cost and effective, we equally believe that traditional tactics like a well-crafted print ad thoughtfully placed or an inspired press release targeted to the right vehicle can play a key role in creating awareness and generating leads.

Beyond the fact that print and PR are a big part of our heritage in this business (as a nine-year-old, Voncor Communications founder EJ Vongher delivered the morning newspaper), we firmly believe in the necessity of integrated communications campaigns to create a series of impressions and in the power of a thoughtful and creative advertisement or press story to cut through the clutter and become part of your target’s consciousness.

So what makes a thoughtful and creative advertisement? Well, it’s starts with understanding who your target audience is what motivates them. You need to think about the audience before you begin developing your message because it’s about them – not about you.

Once you have some insight into your customer or prospect, then you must consider what it is about your company or product that will be of benefit to your customer. How are you different (better!) than the competition and why would a customer seek you out. This takes discipline as it’s easy to select a list of things to say but much harder to uncover the one thing you should say; it’s important, though, as being focused increases your ability to cut through the din of competitive messages.