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All the while donning our oil skins and topsiders, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide a wide variety of marketing communications consulting services. Following represents some of our capabilities.

Positioning and Messaging Services

Not sure how to position a product, service or your company? Unclear as to which messages would most motivate your target audience? We have a proven process that helps to build consensus among key internal and partner stakeholders and then test messaging against channel partners, influencers and end-users.

Communication Planning

We can help you identify the right target audiences and then develop an integrated communications plan which will reach that audience efficiently and with impact. Whether its social media, paid media, earned media or a more organic plan, we can help develop objectives, budgets and then manage the plan effectively.

Content Creation & Social Media

Creating and sharing valuable free content can attract and convert prospects and turn customers into repeat buyers. The “matrixed” nature of the B2B buying process demands different formats and information for different audiences. We can help you create varied content that drives your value proposition in an efficient and breakthrough manner.

Digital Marketing

Whether its an extensive eCommerce website, an overhaul to your existing site, developing a Google AdWords campaign or driving demand with an eDirect marketing initiative, we are well-versed in all manner of digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Trade & Consumer advertising and PR

Creating awareness and demand with paid and earned media is a strong suit here at Voncor Communications. We create hard-working print and web advertising as well as PR campaigns that get picked up and get noticed. Be it B2B, trade or channel advertising or reaching end-users, we can make your messages stand out and create action.

Business ID, Sales Collateral and Trade Show Presence

Be it a logo, some sales collateral or a booth at a trade show, we have over 25 years of experience in helping companies represent their value in graphic, printed or experiential settings. From concept to execution, we can help you bring your message to customers and prospects with efficiency and impact.

Kind words …

The value provided by Voncor Communications is seen every day when a customer visits our site and comments on how excellent it is.  EJ’s patience and willingness to understand what the business does before creating a website is what makes the difference compared to other companies.  Overall I believe that with his help, our business has grown as well as the quality of prospective jobs we are receiving. I would recommend EJ to another business and I have.  His honesty and again being genuinely interested in what we do, as well as our budget and overall goals is unsurpassed. 

Glen Billings

Owner/Operator, Billings Media Blasting

Voncor Marine Marketing Logo

Here at Voncor Marine Marketing, we are sailors, anglers, kayakers & clammers; salt water runs through our veins. While more comfortable in deck shoes than dress shoes, we are seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience across a variety of marketing communications consulting skills and disciplines.

An offshoot of Voncor Communications, VMM focuses on helping recreational and commercial marine businesses efficiently and effectively tell the stories of their products and services.

We can help companies like yours define the value you represent to your customers and then portray that value in a compelling and motivating fashion. We create hard-working web sites, break-through digital, mobile and print advertising campaigns as well as earned-media exposure through press releases and content marketing. It’s been said that the ocean has a thousand stories – we make sure yours gets heard.

Additionally (and highly relevant given the social nature of boaters) we can help you make meaningful and lasting connections on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or with local directory marketing venues such as Google+ or Yelp.

Invite us to aboard for an hour of complimentary consulting and we can make some recommendations that will be sure to, well, float your boat?


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We’re in Refit!

Hello there. Welcome to our new website. As you can see, this site is in development (we’re just a bit busy with our client needs at the moment). We’ll let you know when the site will be relaunched – bring some champagne!
Brown’s Boatyard Launches New Site

Brown’s Boatyard Launches New Site

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